A Day at Camp

There are only a few required activities at camp:  the morning and evening check-ins as well as morning Mentor Groups.  And although we serve three awesome meals a day, no one is required to eat during meal times (but it is highly recommended they come to each meal).  We have a variety of snacks available at all hours of the day so even if a camper misses a meal, there is always something to eat.

Each day starts with a morning check-in just before breakfast.  This is to ensure that everyone is accounted for and gives campers a chance to get their day started with a yummy meal or they can go back to bed if they do not want to eat as long as they get up in time for their Mentor Groups. This is an important part of the camp experience and the dynamic of camp depends upon camper participation. It is a time when they will get to know a specific group of campers and participate in a planned activity organized by their Camp Mentor.

Following mentor groups there are several workshops to choose from coordinated by camp staff as well as campers.  These are not required activities, but are a lot of fun and most campers show up to each of them.  
The workshops have included such activities as hiking, 'zine making, drum circle, Werewolves of Millers Hollow, speed dating, scavenger hunt, flash fiction, fermenting foods, soapstone carving, belly dancing, photography, partner dancing, making ice cream in a bag, karate, zentangling, sprouting, henna, Magic the Gathering, blind portraits, Dr. Who Marathon, knotted hemp bag making, drop spindling, stencil making and t-shirt printing, photo scavenger hunt, making nori rolls, music theory, pinhole photography, modern dance, and flash drawing, as well as talks and round table discussions on siblings, traveling, personality profiling, personal identity, college, sharing new music, unschooling, long distance friendships, how to get a job, tiny dwellings, gender blender, and running an online business.

After workshops, a delicious lunch is served.  At meal times, Workampers will help with serving.  Having campers assist in the kitchen is one way we get them involved behind the scenes and they tend to have a fun time helping out.  The kitchen is often one of the most active and interesting places at camp and laughter can be heard coming from there throughout the day.  I can't say enough about the kitchen staff, they are simply amazing!

When lunch time is over, we have an hour long siesta.  With so much going on sometimes it's hard to choose to just do nothing and rest, this gives campers and staff a designated down time and can be used to do whatever they like.

Mid afternoon is an exciting time when we have a big outdoor event scheduled.  Events include such activities as ultimate frisbee, swimming in the pool, rock climbing, a zipline, and equalizer challenge.  We finish up just in time to get ready for another awesome meal!!

After supper, we have the evening check-in which we use to make important announcements (schedule changes and reminders usually) as well as answer questions and make sure everyone is doing okay.  After check-in our Junior Mentors will host an activity while the Mentors meet to discuss the day and prepare for the next. These activities include games such as sardines, assassins, and flashlight tag as well as writing postcards to send out, bonding games and signing directories.

After the Junior Staff activity, we have a big evening event.  These include such things as ice breaker games, campfires, roasting marshmallows and playing instruments, a talent show, and a big dance party on the last night.  One year, we had a campfire scheduled on a night that it rained...many campers decided to just play in the rain and when someone suggested hot chocolate, Scotty made hot chocolate appear.  Everyone got dried off and some made "boats" out of the tables and chairs while others played instruments and just hung out and enjoyed the rainy night.

There is no set bedtime at camp.  Campers are welcome to hang out with our night owl mentors, who stay up until the last camper has drifted off to their cabin. But we do encourage kids to get plenty of sleep so that they can better enjoy each day at camp.

Throughout the day you can find campers playing a game of frisbee, werewolves, magic the gathering or bananagrams, playing in the creek, hiking on the trails, sitting in the sun alone or with a group and talking, playing instruments, going to the kitchen to learn how to make pasta from scratch and roll it out, hula hooping, altering camp t-shirts, doing magic shows, hanging out in the hammocks, writing in journals, starting a band, sleeping, taking pictures and posing for pictures, writing on the white board, singing and dancing, and talking...lots of talking and making friends!

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