What is ETUSC?
East Tennessee Unschooled Summer Camp is a 7 night secular camp for approximately 80 unschooling teens (13-19) from all over the country. There are many activities, camper & staff run workshops, jam sessions, a hammock haven, bonfires, swimming, a climbing tower & ropes course challenge, mentoring, dancing, making friends, and so much more.

We believe all children should be treated with respect and given opportunities for growth and connection without arbitrary boundaries that limit and confine their reaching, and that they should have a safe and loving environment to do so. It is our hope that our campers will learn more about themselves, make lifelong friendships, and discover new interests...all while having an amazing time in a beautiful setting.

ETUSC is a non-denominational, non-religious camp. We welcome campers and staff of all races, ethnic backgrounds, genders, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, economic backgrounds, political affiliations, and physical capabilities.

ETUSC 2019

This awesome blog post was written by parent volunteer, Peggy Pirro and it is an amazing review of the camp: A Dispatch from Planet Unschooling

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