At camp we will have many workshops to choose from.  Anyone can do a workshop!!  If you have something you're passionate about (a talent or craft, want to simply talk about something...anything you love) please think about hosting a workshop!

The workshops have included such activities as hiking, 'zine making, drum circle, Werewolves of Millers Hollow, speed dating, scavenger hunt, flash fiction, fermenting foods, soapstone carving, belly dancing, photography, partner dancing, making ice cream in a bag, karate, zentangling, sprouting, henna, Magic the Gathering, blind portraits, Dr. Who Marathon, knotted hemp bag making, drop spindling, stencil making and t-shirt printing, photo scavenger hunt, making nori rolls, music theory, pinhole photography, modern dance, and flash drawing, as well as talks and round table discussions on siblings, traveling, personality profiling, personal identity, college, sharing new music, unschooling, long distance friendships, how to get a job, tiny dwellings, gender blender, and running an online business.

If you have an idea for a workshop...something you would like to attend but not can use this form to make your suggestion as well.  Please note in the description that it is a suggestion only.

Submit your workshop idea by July 1st

to help choose locations for your activities, see the camp map here.