Upon arrival, between 3:00 and 4:30, you will be met in the parking lot by a staff member and shown to the registration desk. While registering you will be asked about any recent illnesses and if you have any medications we will direct you to the first aid room to meet with our Camp Medic. You will receive your camp directory and a t-shirt if you ordered one and your cabin assignment. Then a staff member will take a group to the cabins and show them around a bit. There will be a lot of kids getting to their bunks and socializing, this is a good time to meet people but it is very important to get your stuff to your bunk as soon as possible.

Camper Orientation starts at 5:15, this is specifically for the campers and will be a 45 minute period of welcoming and announcements. If parents have any questions, Camp Director, Laura Bowman, will be available from 4:30-5:00.

During Orientation campers will hear about our camp policies and what is expected of them throughout the week (mandatory check ins and Mentor Groups, etc.).

After Orientation campers will meet briefly with their Mentor Groups. Mentors will get a chance to introduce themselves and tell campers where they will be meeting each day…AND they’ll get to meet the group of campers they’ll be meeting with all week. And then it's time to EAT! 

After supper there will be ice breaker games to help kids get comfortable with each other and learn everyone's names. This usually goes on for quite awhile...as long as we're having fun, we keep it going. Participation is not required but highly recommended.

We are really excited to see everyone again this year and meet all the new people too.
See you all soon!!