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I’ve never been in such a welcoming environment that tries so hard to make everyone’s experience as accepting and fun as possible. Some of my best memories were made at this camp and every second at this camp is a moment worth cherishing!
— Jeremy
My overall experience at camp was really great. I could really tell that the staff and volunteers were truly trying to make a comfortable and fun environment for everyone, and greatly exceeding that. You guys went above and beyond any other camp I’ve seen, which made my experience a great one
— Jessica
My overall camp experience was utterly fantastic. :-) I can’t really describe it with words - how could one even begin to talk about the late nights, the companionship, the knowledge that the people around you were all amazing and alive?
— Artemis
The food was AMAZING. Meat, tofu, salads, fruit, desserts, and snacks all the time! Scotty deserves a round of applause (which I think he got, at the end of the week) because everything was amazing!
— Abbi

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