Camp Mentors - This position is the heart and soul of camp.  We are interested in finding people who are enthusiastic and passionate about guiding campers through their week.  You will be asked to hold two or more workshops as well as mentor a small group of campers each morning.  Must have First Aid and CPR/AED Certification, Bowman Adventures will pay for this training prior to camp if you do not already have it. This position is for ages 20 and up.

Late Night Mentors - Responsibilities are similar to that of the Mentors but include staying up at night with campers who would like to take advantage of late night activities and hanging out.  Must have First Aid and CPR/AED Certification, Bowman Adventures will pay for this training prior to camp if you do not already have it. This position is for ages 20 and up.
Kitchen Intern- If you are interested in helping with meals throughout the week. This is the most demanding job at camp and will require a firm dedication to the tasks assigned. Kitchen experience required.
Camp Medic - Will be responsible for the health and treatment of campers and staff. Will dispense medication as needed/prescribed and be the first medical responder in any health/emergency medical situation.  Must have experience working with youth.  Must have current First Aid and CPR/AED Certification as well as one of the following: RN, LPN, Nursing Graduate, Paramedic, EMT or WFR Certification.

Camp Maintenance - Responsibilities include wiping down tables and sweeping and mopping floors after meals and/or as needed. Emptying all trashcans on site. Making sure bathrooms are kept clean, plunging toilets as needed, etc. 
Junior Mentors  - This is an unpaid training position for 19-21 year olds who are interested in becoming Mentors. They will be shadowing and assisting an assigned Mentor for the week.
Parent Volunteers - You will be assigned to different tasks based on your interests and skills.  Most often needed for kitchen shifts. Volunteers receive lodging for the week at the Pathway Cabin located on the camp property as well as all meals and a camp shirt. You provide your own bedding and towels. 

And while Parent Volunteers are a big part of the behind the scenes action at ETUSC and around the grounds quite a bit, we ask that you give campers the space they need to have a full and autonomous camp experience.  Some kids don't mind a parent in the background, but we feel it is best to allow them their freedom and independence. This is important for all the campers and not just your own children.

Parent Lodging Only - Parents wishing to stay at camp instead of driving home or getting a hotel can stay at the Pathway Cabin as well for $150 per person for the week.  This does not include meals but there is a full kitchen in the cabin for your food and meal preparation.  You provide your own bedding and towels.

ONLINE FORMS (do not mail or email these):
2016 Directory Info Form
2016 T-shirt Order Form (staff do not send money for shirts, just need sizes)
2016 Travel Form - only if you will need picked up from the airport or bus station (staff do not send in the taxi fee)
Application Deadline:  March 1st

The forms below are to be printed out & MAILED 
Staff Health Form
Zip-line/Climbing Tower Consent and Release Form (for ACC)
Please mail these forms by June 1st to:
Bowman Adventures
PO Box 401
Johnson City, TN  37605-0401