ETUSC is an unschooling camp.  We strive to keep the spirit of unschooling alive while also making sure that campers are safe and well cared for. To make that happen, we do have a few rules that need to be followed. 

The first isn't so much a rule as it is a principle and that is mutual respect at all times.

MUTUAL RESPECT: This is the most important expectation of each person at camp. You’ll have a great deal of freedom and support to enjoy yourself and have fun. And we trust that you will be respectful of one another as well as the beautiful spaces. This can mean simple things like not throwing trash on the ground around Hammock Haven or leaving personal items strewn all over the bathrooms, others want and need to enjoy and use these spaces too. It means being kind and respectful of others as well as their personal boundaries. ETUSC is an opportunity to practice living on your own with others autonomously and independently. It is a good time to develop a sense of agency; being mindful of your actions and how they impact others, and being responsible for your space when it is shared with others.

MANDATORY CHECK-INS AND MENTOR GROUPS: WHY? Check-Ins are important because we need to know that everyone is accounted for several times throughout the day as well as a time when we may make very important camp announcements that you don’t want to miss. Mentor Groups are the core of your camp experience, it is a time set aside each day to meet with your Mentor and a small group of campers that you will get to know throughout the week. Not attending your group means you are missing out on a full camp experience. When campers are not participating it creates a feeling of having a lurker at camp and that’s not comfortable for anyone. It is also an important time to bond with your group and gain a sense of community that is invaluable to your camp experience. 

SEX:  While the topic of sex may be discussed openly at any given time and there may be workshops that deal with sex and sexuality, it is the camp's policy that campers and staff not have sex at camp. Sex is defined as genital contact of ANY kind.

That being said, we are more interested in individual safety than we are punishment. If a camper finds themself in a situation they are uncomfortable with or if things went too far with or without consent, we encourage them to please speak to a staff member without fear of judgment or punishment.

CABINS: Boys are not permitted in the girls cabins and girls are not permitted in the boys cabins.  This is a matter of privacy and safety for all campers.  There are plenty of other opportunities and spaces for hanging out together.

If you switch rooms, you need to let your Mentor know!

HIKE BUDDIES: Campers are not to go on hikes into the woods alone or by the creek at night.  There are several places at camp for walking alone or at night such as the paths around the cabins and in the field, etc. 

DRUGS & ALCOHOL: There are absolutely no alcohol or drugs allowed on the site, this is a policy of Montvale as well as ETUSC. If a camper or staff member is caught with drugs and/or alcohol or using drugs and/or alcohol during camp they will be sent home immediately at their own expense.  It is important to understand that there is also a risk of losing the use of the facility entirely if drug and/or alcohol use were discovered by Montvale staff.

TOBACCO PRODUCTS: You must be 18 or over to use any tobacco products (this includes vaporizers and e-cigarettes). Anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted to be in the designated tobacco use area.


KEYS: If you drive yourself to camp, your keys will need to be turned in for safe keeping for the duration of camp.

DO NOT BRING: Pocket or other types of knives or any weapons. We will add to this list as needed.

Failure to adhere to the rules will result first in the camper having a meeting with staff to discuss the rules.  If camper continues breaking rules, or behavior is egregious enough, the camper will be sent home at their own expense.